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Misc Concealment Non-Flag Art

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Not looking for a flag? We have some other options of concealment decor for your home.
Personalized family name home decor
$ 279.99 $ 299.99
This personalized family name home decor measures Outside Dimensions of 54" x 16" x 4.25". Or 45”x22”x4.25” Inside Dimensions are 50"x 12"x 3.75" or 40”x18”x3.5” This item comes with a 2.25" deep piece of Kaizer foam that can be customized to fit your  particular firearm. *Once you order please email...
Blank Concealment Flag/Art
$ 139.99
Blank Concealment Shelf The blank concealment package is made of the same durable materials as all of our other products, but provides a blank display for you to decorate any way that you’d like! The front piece is built on sliders to allow for quick and easy access, and comes...
Extra Wide George Orwell Quote
$ 199.99 $ 225.00
Outside dimensions 54"x 16"x 5.5"Inside dimension 49" x 12"x 2.25Foam total 3" deep.Comes with lock, customizable foam, and hanging hardware.
God Family Country Home Defense Concealment Art
$ 229.99 $ 250.00
God Family Country (Black One) Display your priorities proudly with a piece that is simple in design, yet bold in declaration.  Built from repurposed wooden pallets that are painted in traditional flat black with clean, white lettering.  Outside dimensions measure in at 38.5” x 22”. Inside dimensions are 34.5" long...
Join or Die
$ 269.99
Join, or Die is a well-known political cartoon, drawn by Benjamin Franklin. This timeless image has been painstakingly created as a piece of art that you’d be proud to have on your wall, the artwork is built on sliders to allow for quick and easy access.  Included is high-density Kaizen...
We The People Sign With Hidden Compartment
$ 224.99
We The People More than just the opening statement in the Constitution, these famous words exemplify the unity and strength that Americans display every day.  Painstakingly hand crafted from all-natural pine, then torched to create a rustic look, and sealed with polyurethane to ensure it maintains its handsome appearance for...
$ 199.99
“Say When” Concealment Wall Art If you’re in need of a new huckleberry, this is just the piece you’ve been looking for!  Produced from re-purposed pallet wood with a beautiful burnt-stain finish, and emblazoned with an image of the notoriously famous Doc Holiday.  Each piece measures in at 22” x...
Scarface Concealment Art
$ 199.99 $ 219.99
Scarface Concealment art Available in Medium and Large Sizes Medium Slidedown: Outside Dimensions are 38.5"x22' Inside Dimensions are 34.5"x18"Metal Key Lock Included Large Slidedown: Outside Dimensions are 44"x22" Inside Dimensions are 40'x18" Metal key locked included Medium Flip Up Style: Outside Dimensions are 38.5"x22' Inside Dimensions are 34.5"x18" Magnet lock...
Texas Slide Down “come and take it” Concealment flag
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