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 Nov 15th is our cutoff for Christmas Guaranteed orders. If you order after Nov 15th it doesn't mean it won't make it on time. We will be working hard to get EVERY order out because we know how important it is. Thank You 

Thank you for visiting ProtectYOURshelves. Our Shop is owned and operated by Veterans and Patriots.  Each order is handcrafted and shipped to the lower 48 states. All of our Custom Concealment Shelves, Flags and Furniture are handmade one at a time. We do it all from start to finish.

Pictures really do not do justice to our flags but we take time to make sure each flag we build and ship will be loved by each and every customer that chooses us. Know that you are helping to support families in Eastern Iowa when you choose to order through us.

We know that you have many options and take that very seriously. Each item ordered will be completed with our current production times and we will make every effort to accommodate special requests. Please message us if you need special arrangements or have a design idea.


Please allow 4 weeks for all flags. Usually an order will ship sooner than those times but we want to make sure to allow enough time to create each unique piece. Thank you again for visiting and we hope to share one of our flags with you.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or to build a custom piece!