3% Oathkeepers Concealment Flag

  • $ 269.99

3% Oathkeeper Flip Up Concealment Flag

 Due to popular demand we have designed a size exclusively to fit the AR-15 platform and more!

All flags are made in USA by Veterans.

Outside Dimensions are 43"x22" Inside Dimensions are 39''x18.5"x3.5

Slide Up comes with a True key Lock. It can remain unlocked and can be slid open. There is also a latch that holds it up when slide up all the way.

Slide Down Includes a true metal key lock located on the bottom of the flag.

Flag comes with following:
Pre-mounted brackets for installation
Locks Vary by style of Flag
Blank pieces for each compartment of user friendly layered foam that cuts with a simple razor knife or box cutter.
(Guns not included)

Check out our how to videos for foam cutting, lock operation and installation on our website!


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