Barn Wood Brown & Burnt Barn Wood Concealment Flag

  • $ 299.99

Barn Wood Brown & Burnt Concealment Flag Barn Wood

 Due to popular demand we have designed a size exclusively to fit the AR-15 platform and more!

All flags are made in USA by Veterans.

Outside Dimensions are 45"x22" Inside Dimensions are 40'x18" 

Flip Up includes hydraulic gas springs  and Magnet lock.

Slide Up comes with a True key Lock. Slide Up with True Key lock gives you the ability to leave the case unlocked for faster accessibility. There is also a latch that holds it up when slide up all the way.Fob

Slide Down Includes a true metal key lock located on the bottom of the flag.

Flag comes with following:
Pre-mounted brackets for installation
Locks Vary by style of Flag
Blank pieces for each compartment of user friendly layered foam that cuts with a simple razor knife or box cutter.
(Guns not included)

Check out our how to videos for foam cutting, lock operation and installation on our website!

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